Air conditioning repairs

If air conditioner is being used after prolong period then it must require overhaul services. Service maintenance includes turning off the unit, checking the components, cleaning the filters, removing the dust from coils, cleaning of coil fins and blowing the dust away from condenser as well as evaporator along with other necessarily important tasks. Reliance AC has technical hand to do such job within no time.

We are the only air conditioning service provider in Perth to cascade the finest and unparalleled facilities at the best affordable rates. People trust us because of our highly motivated and actualized services. If your air conditioner is not working properly then you don’t need to get panic as we are here to detach your from every hassle. Overlooking and neglecting the required service of air conditioner can cause irreparable damages. So it is always suggested to maintain the unit health in the proper way. Only a professional expert can serve the purpose without ruining or destroying. Service can improve its efficiency up to the desired level.


Our skilled crew can do it in efficient manner. A cost effective air conditioning service is equipped to hit your doorstep. Upgraded services to the latest energy efficient air conditioning system can cut your electric bill up to 50%.  We not only help you to lower the electricity costs but also offer solutions to those who are affected by respirational harms. We never run after the customers but their hearts. Ever growing list of satisfied customers accentuates our sheer devotion to provide you long yearned results.

All you need to do is to call us to rest upon our expertise. We have a tradition of going extra mile in order to provide our customers with the results they deserve.